Ayur Om Spa, Source de Bien-Être

The AyurOm wellness center was born in 2008 when we settled in the heart of the Abondance Valley.

We then wanted to offer a large clientele all the benefits of traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Also, we can offer you, in addition to our well-being massages and our all-inclusive formulas,

Our Ayurvedic treatments for therapeutic purposes
Our consultations and Life advice adapted to your History and your experience
Our yoga therapy sessions and meditation sessions to find peace and harmony of body and mind

It is also thanks to the Trincaz family, from the hotel restaurant Les Cornettes in La Chapelle d'Abondance, that this dream was able to materialize through their openness, their dynamism and their very warm welcome from our structure within their hotel. family.​

Since then, a wonderful trust and collaboration has been established, and it is with great gratitude that we work every day for the well-being of the people who come to meet us.

Laurence & Benoit

Our Universe