Laurence, Ombeline, Marine & Benoit


I have always felt deeply connected to the Earth. As a child, I liked to communicate with animals, trees, birds in particular and lived a very close relationship with Nature as a whole.

After 10 years in a medical environment, disconnected from what made my strength, become depressed, I decided to leave everything to live one of my dreams: to return to the essentials, to the simplicity of a life in contact with Nature while discovering new horizons and cultures. It was off for an initiatory adventure of nearly 2 years in a converted vehicle that took me from France to Nepal through the Middle East.

This trip back to basics opened the doors of India to me, the doors of the sacred and access to all the teachings that I received there during the following 15 years...not to mention the marvelous gift of my meeting with Benoit.

Today, within our AyurOm structure we share our passions, experiences, lessons in Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, energy in the form of care, lessons, individual and collective support, workshops.

They aim to reconnect the person to the essential, to their original essence, to what brings them joy, through their body but also by listening to their emotions and deep needs: how to live and develop their everyday life, taking care of your body and your soul, connecting to your heart for a harmonious life are the topics discussed during the meetings.

Whether it's during my Yoga classes, in treatments or in support sessions, I always go back to basics: a connection to the Sacred, to the Heart, to the Earth and to the Universe in order to make the souls in Joy.


I am your specialist in facials and relaxation treatments at the AyurOm Spa.

Professional, warm and empathetic, I intervene punctually to complete your well-being needs. Trained in the protocols of the largest Alpine and Mediterranean massage spaces, I bring an undeniable know-how to the offer of Ayurvedic therapies.

A great traveler, I glean great practices and new techniques from my travels around the world, for ever more escape and relaxation.


I am the latest arrival in the team, and I quickly found my place. Alongside Ombeline, I provide facial treatments and well-being massages.

A musical artist at heart, I make it a point to make your whole being vibrate for the best of body and mind. I bring the touch of lightness to our entire beautiful team.


Alongside Laurence & Ombeline , I ensure the daily organization of the wellness area that we have created, each with our personal strengths.

All this comes from my personal journey, in the management of teams before my great Indian trip almost 15 years ago. Leaving my native North for the Himalayas, it was at the Ayurvedic therapy training center that I met Laurence.

Over the course of our learning for nearly 4 years, we have (re)discovered the importance and influence of all things on everyone's well-being.

So, back in Europe, we needed a place close to Nature, an environment conducive to our respective and common development. When the hotel restaurant Les Cornettes trusted us to offer its customers our care, it was for us a recognition of our skills.

Alongside the relaxation treatments we offer, I take a particular interest in carrying out Ayurvedic therapies and in supporting everyone with their problems, to provide them with answers and comfort.

Our Universe